One of our most important principles is breeding of totally healthy pulis. That’s why all our first so called „founder” dogs were HD-free.

Check-ups are essential if we want to create a healthy population without hereditary problems. It doesn’t matter why we want to buy a Puli –eg. for a family pet, a watch dog around the house or breeding purposes- check-ups are important as eveyone would like long-life dogs without locomotor diseases.

In our kennel we have and choose only HD-free dogs. We check up them according to the Hungarian Puli Club Breeding Rules. We send HD check-up results to MKOE Committee in order to have their official opinion.

It’s a great pleasure we can tell you that as a result of the conscious breeding work we have healthy HD-free dogs through 3-4 generations.

2015 active breeding stock, "DM" (DEGENERATIVE MYELOPATHY) participated in testing and we are delighted, all breeding dogs earned "N / N" free results.