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I hope we can give useful pieces of information about Ludas Matyi Breed for all of you, those who haven’t known this ideal representative of Hungarian sheepdogs and for keepers and breeders as well.

About us:
My name is Ferenc Antal. I was born 21. Nov. 1977 in Karcag, Hungary. My wife is Katalin Antal-Bán. I have got two lovely daughters, Emese and Kincső. My whole family give me a hand to improve Puli by breeding more and more effectively.
Both me and my wife graduated as agricultural engineers in Agricultural College in University of Szeged. I work in a granger’s cattle farm as a stock- breeder. My professional field is multiplication biology.
My close connection with dogs goes back to my childhood. We always had Hungarian types of dogs that kept an eye on our house in Kisújszállás. In the turn of the century my grandparents had Pulis in their farm. We have never wanted to deal with other dog types because on one hand Hungarian dogs have every feature that a dog needs to have, on the other hand we think that Hungarian people must guard the traditions and values  inherited from our ancestors.
My grandfather was a real peasant dealing with horses. He was a wise man. I can remember his thoughts according to stock- breeding. I learnt a lot from him. I tend to use this useful knowldge in dog breeding too.
Contrasted with others I bought my first dogs in order to breed but I could start breeding only in 1997. During that time I visited all the working and not- yet- working Puli breedings to study the features and lines thoroughly and respectively. I’m lucky to learn much from such wise people than Imre Bordács (Nagykunsági Breeding), the couple of Olajos- Starkbauer (Verecke- úti Breeding) and Mihály Mészáros (a professional type specialist and breeder). These great breeders mentioned above shared their longlife proficiency and experiences with me.
This knowledge, my experiences and intuitions as a breeder form Ludas Matyi Breeding in the present and future.

Our breeding has three main principles that are all very important for precise breeding work:
Maintaining carriage measure of value as an engagement to the ideal Hungarian type.
Filtering out the hereditary abnormalities according to the type.
A stable nervous system and the maintanance and improvement of intellectual abilities.

These principles are well- known for ages as the shepherds have been exacting with their dogs. They filtered out the ones that had any problems more practically.
In our breeding we have homozygote and heterozygote black dogs with the ideal type, in more colour with HD-free and PD-free results through more generations having great and famous bloodlines.
We are proud that Ludas Matyi Pulis have so special bloodline that doesn’t exist in other ones. In the last  15 years we have had some dreams for mating to save other old special bloodlines. As a result we managed to preserve the line of the last dogs of Pécsdiósi and Verecke – úti Breedings.
Being committed to Pulis I directed the improvement and maintanance of the ideal type as a breeding leader in Hungaria Puli Club in 2006 and 2007.
In 2011 I got a certificate as an FCI Judge in Hungarian Sheepdogs so I try to help and determine that way  in breeding of our national values.
Several pulis were born in our breeding that reached Champion, World Winner, Club Winner and Best in Show titles. But we are the most proud of those  who complete their mission in families being the most faithful fellows and friends for people of any ages. As a result and honour of the work of Ludas Matyi Breeding we were given Golden Wreath Master  title by MEOE.

I would like to thank my whole family for their patience and precise work which are essential to make my breeding more effective. Thank you!

Have a good time!

Ferenc Antal, Kata Antal- Bán, Emese and Kincső