HPK Club Show 2015

2015-06-11 11:49:34

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This year's club show three Ludas Matyi Puli represented the kennel. We are delighted JWW. Ludas Matyi Pityke returned after 2 years in the world of show and a very strong competition, Club Winner BOS and results obtained.
Ludas Matyi Borcsa Cinke who Pityke daughter, a fantastic class Ex II. result is achieved.
Ludas Matyi Ezredes, male puppy class got very promising.
Thanks to judge Mr. Mihaly Meszáros, a detailed critique for professional, thanks to the owners for the professional presentation of the dogs, Vadász Karacs Timea Judit Renáta Dr. Papp, Gabor Olah. I have to thank the Hungarian Puli clubs in the beautiful and special prizes, not least, congratulations to all breeders and Puli breeders loving fellow who has entered the professional level and raised the year's most prestigious event of Puli :)

Europa Dog Show Brno 2014

2015-03-18 11:33:36

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Fantastic atmosphere, friendly and a lot of heart-warming results :) :) It was Brno

-Ludas Matyi Aszu, Junior Europa Győztes !!

-Ludas Matyi Apacs Ex II.

-Ludas Matyi Angyal Ex II.

-Ludas Matyi Juhos, CAC,CACIB,Europa Winner,BOB!! 

Congratulations to all of our friends to the outstanding results!

III. Nemzetközi Puli Fesztivál

2015-03-18 11:07:16

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Fantastic people, fantastic Pulis beautiful environment Kisújszállás III. Puli International Festival. It was a great experience to meet old legendary breeders and Mihaly Mészáros was a great experience to listen to judgments of.

HPK Klubkiállítás Bugac 2014

2014-08-22 00:00:00

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We have had great success this year HPK Club Show! After years 2011-2012-2013, 2014 Matyi Ludas Puli again became BOB and BIS also. What is even more special this for the last three years, Ludas Matyi Lujzi took everything. We felt very well, it was good to meet fellow breeders and puliért work for. Special thanks to the judge( Elena Balázsovits )who is in my opinion a very good sense of the type criticized our species.

Mark Zuckerberg és Priscilla Chan látogatása nálunk

2013-06-15 07:59:47

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Mark Zukerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan visited the Ludas Matyi Puli kennel during their Hungarian trip
It was a great honour to welcom Mark and Priscilla for our family and the Ludas Matyi kennel. We spent a wonderful event together in our home presented with Hungarian hospitality and the pulis we live with.
Mark and Priscilla got the idea to visit us from our American puli friends. Due to their interest we spent hours to talk about this amaizing breed.
They also showed keen interest to the other Hungarian breed, the Komondor. We organized a short presentation of the Komondor with the help of our friend Szabolcs Monoki, the breeder of Zoldhalompusztai Komondor kennel and his family.
Mark and Priscilla are very nice people and it is a heartwarming feeling for us to know they have choosen our national breeds for theirselves and presenting them all over the world! Thank you for it... 

Hungarian National Breeds World Cup, WDS, HPK Club Show 2013

2013-06-15 07:50:05

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A Long and Exciting Weekend in Pictures

Hungarian National Breeds World Cup

Ludas Matyi Terka, Puppy Class, Very Promising I.

Ludas Matyi Orsi, Intermediate Class Winner, E I. CAC.
Ludas Matyi Bestia Blanka, Open Class E II. R. CAC.
Ludas Matyi Lujzi, Champion Class E I. CAC. BOB. World Cup Winner.
Ludas Matyi Pityke, Junior Class, E I. HPJ, Junior World Cup Winner.
Ludas Matyi Muzsikus Batyu, Open Class Winner, E I. CAC.
 Ludas Matyi Fogdmeg Fillér, Veteran Class Winner, E I. CAC.
We won the Best  Pair and the Best Group titles! 

World Dog Show

Ludas Matyi Terka, Puppy Class, Very Promising I.

Ludas Matyi Orsi, Intermediate Class Winner, E I. CAC.
Ludas Matyi Bestia Blanka, Open Class E III.
Ludas Matyi Lujzi, Champion E III.
Ludas Matyi Pityke, Junior Class, E I. HPJ, Junior World Winner, and Best Junior World Winner!!
Ludas Matyi Muzsikus Batyu, Open Class E.
Ludas Matyi Juhos, Champion Class Winner, E I. CAC.
Ludas Matyi Fogdmeg Fillér, Veteran Class Winner, E I. CAC, Veteran World Champion!

According to the results reached this weekend, we graduated three new Champions:

HJCH. Ludas Matyi Pityke JWW, Best Junior!
HCH. Ludas Matyi Orsi!
VCH. Ludas Matyi Fogdmeg Fillér!

We’ve ended up a very tiring week having delightful experiences.

It was a pleasure that we could see so many Pulis in one exhibition. 

Come on Puli!!!!!!!



At the end of the week we participated in the Hungária Puli Klub - Club Show as an ending of the series of dog exhibitions.

We reached great results. My daughter, Emese and my god-daughter, Ajsa took part their first exhibition as young handlers. We participated in  the show with 5 pulis.

Ludas Matyi Ubul got Very Promising title in his first show. My friend, László Simai and his family are very proud of him.

Ludas Matyi Terka reached Puppy BIS!

Ludas Matyi Orsi got Intermediate Class Winner, CAC.

Ludas Matyi Lujzi reached CAC, Club Winner, BOB, BIS, Super BIS titles as last year.

ln addition we were given the Trophy of Magyarpuli Australia by Elizabeth Oglesby.

Ludas Matyi Juhos got CAC and Club Winner titles. Juhos was recieved the Kovács Ferenc Memorial Prize by Kovács Ferencné Veronika, the founder of the prize. Above all it was the most touching moment for us! I think it is the most memorable result of all won by our Pulis. Thank you, Veronika! Feri, we never forget you!

2012 Komárom CACIB-DERBY

2013-03-06 04:39:49

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We  closed the dog show period in a two-day- long CACIB-DERBY exhibition in 2012 in Komárom.

Ludas Matyi Orsi was given CAC on both days, R. CACIB and DERBY Winner titles.

Ludas Matyi Lujzi reached CAC, CACIB, BOB, The Best Hungarian Breed III. and I. FCS 2. titles on both days.

We  bid farewell to the year of 2012 with these great results and prepair for the outstanding professional organisations such as World Cup of Hungarian Breed and World Dog Show.

2012 Szentendre Special CAC

2013-03-05 05:28:38

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The most degnified puli- related event is the Club Special exhibition held in September 2012.The dogs of Ludas Matyi Puli Kennel reached great titles:

Ludas Matyi Nádor: Intermediate Class K1 CAC
Ludas Matyi Juhos: Champion Class K1 CAC
Ludas Matyi Orsi: Intermediate Class K1 CAC KIII.
Ludas Matyi Ribizli: Open Class K1 CAC KIII.
Ludas Matyi Lujzi: Champion Class K II  R.CAC

Our dogs (Juhos, Nádor, Ribizli, Lujzi, Orsi) won the Best Breeding Pair title for the fifth time. The Best Breeding Pair was Juhos and Orsi.

We are glad to introduce a homogene Progency Group (Juhos, Nádor, Orsi) to the fellow- breeders. They all have World Winner titles and their dad is Szentmihályi- Szabó Rege, our boar of service.

2012 HPK Club Show

2013-03-04 05:32:50

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Our results:

HJCH Ludas Matyi Orsi: 11 months-old Junior Black Bitch K2
Ludas Matyi Nádor: 12 months-old Junior Black Male K3
HCH  JWW Ludas Matyi Lujzi: 19 months-old Junior Black Bitch CAC, CW, BOB, BIS, Super BIS!

The Best Pair: Ludas Matyi Nádor and Ludas Matyi Orsi The Best Group: Ludas Matyi Nádor, Orsi and Lujzi for the fourth time!

Ludas Matyi Puli Kennel would like to thank all those people who helped to reach these great results!

Thank you! Ferenc Antal and his family – Ludas Matyi Puli Kennel

2012 Salzburg WDS

2013-03-04 05:31:36

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We reached great results:

Ludas Matyi Nádor ’Gubanc’ was given the Junior World Winner title in Junior Male category. His owner is Eszter Kovács.

Ludas Matyi Orsi reached Junior World Winner title in Junior Bitch category.

The field with lots of participiants was strong.

Ludas Matyi Lujzi won CAC and RWW titles in Junior Class.

We closed an unforgottable weekend. I would like to thank my parents, wife and daughters for their help because  they are all parts of these great results. Special thanks to Eszter Kovács for this wonderful weekend and her help.

I’m very happy that I’m a breeder having four World Winner Pulis! Their names are:

JWW Ludas Matyi Juhos
JWW Ludas Matyi Lujzi
JWW Ludas Matyi Nádor
JWW Ludas Matyi Orsi

2011 HPK Points Competition

2013-03-03 05:33:39

Results evaluating by Hungarian Puli Club according to the points reached in 2011:

Ludas Matyi Juhos: The Most Successful Junior Black Male of the Year
Ludas Matyi Juhos: The Puli Popularizing Best Its Own Breed
Ludas Matyi Lujzi: The Most Successful Junior Black Bitch of the Year

Thank you for appreciation!

2011. WDS Paris

2013-03-02 05:34:25

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Ludas Matyi Juhos: Junior World Winner Male
Ludas Matyi Lujzi: Junior World Winner Bitch and Best Junior Bitch

Paris is a wonderful city. We’ll never forget these days and we are very happy about the great results!

2011 HPK Club Show Kerekegyháza 2

2013-03-01 05:34:58

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Ludas Matyi Menta: 6 months-old black baby bitch – Very Promising
Ludas Matyi Lujzi: 9 months-old (my favourite dog) junior black bitch K2
Ludas matyi Bestia Blanka: 2 years-old Open Class CAC,  KLGY
Ludas Matyi Juhos: 13 months-old junior black male HPJ, JCW, BOB, JBIS, BIS!
Ludas Matyi Mufurc: 6 years-old maszkos- fakó male CAC

The Best Group title was given to the dogs of Ludas Matyi Puli Kennel.

Special thanks to everyone who has helped us!

Thank you: Ferenc Antal, his family – Ludas matyi Puli Kennel

2011 HPK Special Show

2013-02-28 05:35:41

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We participated on this exhibition with our experienced „old” dogs. Our youngest bitch, Ludas Matyi Menta, reached Very Promising title. Her new young handler was my little daughter, Emese. They did it very well!

Ludas Matyi Lujzi debuted successfully in Baby Class.
Ludas Matyi Juhos had great succeess in Junior Class. He is my friend, Urban Tibor’s little treasure. Juhos reached HPJ and JBIS titles on his first exhibition.
Ludas Matyi Dudás got K1 on his first Open Class exhibition.
Ludas Matyi Mufurc, the most experienced member, got CAC title unsurprisingly.

In the afternoon programme Ludas Matyi Juhos and Ludas Matyi Dudás were chosen as The Best Dog Pair. Ludas Matyi Pulis became The Best Breeding Group.